Would you like to have your child evaluated for ADHD? At The Pediatric Clinic of Paris, our doctors are available to help diagnose and manage ADHD. To provide diagnosis, we do thorough questioning regarding symptom onset and problems caused by those symptoms. We also issue specific ADHD tests for the child’s teachers and parents along with an in-depth medical exam by one of our pediatricians. This helps rule out other symptom causes.

If you believe your child has ADHD, there is no need to panic. We have treatments available to help your child thrive in their education, relationships, and life. Treatments may include therapy or medication, depending on the details of the case.

Contact us, if you would like your child to have an ADHD evaluation. One of the first steps of the evaluation is to fill out a few assessments, which you will find below:

NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Form