Prenatal Care Consults

Our providers are available to meet with you in a personal consultation to help you find the right pediatrician for your child. During that appointment you will also get a walk through of our facility with our administrator.

Certified Lactation Counselor

If you are a nursing mother and would like help with breastfeeding or have questions for a lactation counselor, let your provider know. Our in-house lactation counselor is available every Monday through Thursday. She does not schedule patients but is here most days to answer questions or assist with nursing. We can also help you schedule an appointment in the lactation clinic at Paris Regional Medical Center if needed.

Hospitalization and Newborn Visits

If your child is a patient in our practice and requires hospitalization at Paris Regional Medical Center, his or her pediatrician will lead the medical team helping your child and will see your child during each day of their hospital stay, including the day of their birth.

If requested, our pediatricians perform circumcisions on newborns at Paris Regional Medical Center. In most cases, this is done prior to your newborn leaving the hospital for the first time. We also directly admit patients seen in our clinic if hospitalization is necessary in order to bypass the emergency room.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.